The Camp

Camp CaPella offers children and adults with disabilities and their families a unique camp experience designed to foster personal growth and exploration. Our goal is to enable our campers to make new friends, become more independent, and try new things. All things are possible at Camp CaPella! Kids at camp get to know other people just like them. It creates a community and a sense of belonging that they can't get anywhere else.

Our Mission

The mission of Camp CaPella is to provide quality of life experiences for people with disabilities and their families by providing year round accessible recreational and educational learning experiences.

Our Vision

Camp CaPella provides diverse recreational and educational opportunities for people with disabilities.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Camp CaPella is to provide campers with a well-rounded recreational program which will include activities relevant to the camp's philosophy. One of our main objectives is to promote the physical and emotional well-being of campers through a program of fitness, exercise, socialization, and involvement in a positive setting. Within this environment, campers will have the opportunity to continue their pursuit of individual educational and peer related goals, further enabling them to develop independent lifestyles.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Camp CaPella is for all campers, regardless of ability, to be afforded an opportunity to enjoy a summer program offering learning experiences, recreational activities, and fun! It is our hope that this safe environment will maximize their abilities and willingness for participation, and is appropriate to foster their self awareness, growth, and development.