Our Camp Staff

Camp CaPella prides itself on the ability to hire quality, qualified, and experienced staff for our summer program. Our staff ratio, staff to campers, is 1 staff member for every 2 campers.

We pride ourselves in being able to hire and develop a well-balanced team of professionals who are here because they REALLY want to be here. They are here because they love working with and being with children, youth, and young adults with disabilities.
Working at Camp CaPella changes our lives for the better.

Year after year we have returning staff who help with providing a constant program with staff whom our campers have all become familiar with and know.

Dana Mosher, the executive director, has been in this position since 2007. Dana has an MSW degree and has worked with children in residential treatment, special needs children in placement, and managed non-profit social service programs as well as corporate employee assistance programs.

Our camp program director, Deb Breindel, has been a special education teacher for many years, has a special needs child, and has served as the program director for some 10 years.

A little bit more about our staff:

Our recreation leader teaches special education and physical education in the public school and has served as our recreation leader for the past two summers.

Our Waterfront leader is a certified lifeguard, CPR-certified and experienced as a waterfront leader with young children.

Our nature studies and arts and crafts leader is an elementary education science teacher who has also served as a Camp Capella counselor for the past two summers.

For the past two summers, our camp nurse has been a board-certified RN who has served as our camp nurse as well as our “floating” camp counselor.

Our camp counselors are a mix of male and female counselors who may be college students who are majoring in related fields of study, special education teachers, and education technicians, all with at least one year of experience working with special needs children and youth.
Our camp cook is a person who volunteered to serve in that position so as to contribute to sending a good friend’s child to camp last summer.
We spend a week in staff training and team building in preparation for the summer season.

Summer Staff consists of:

  • Recreation leader
  • Waterfront leader
  • "The Wild Adventures" nature studies program and arts & crafts leader
  • Camp nurse
  • Four camp counselor positions
  • Two night staff counselor positions
  • Camp cook
  • Administrative assistant