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Camp CaPella is excited to announce the annual polar dip IS HAPPENING! Participants will have three options for participating this year - Live In-Person Jumper (with COVID regulated guidelines), Virtual Jumper or Jittery Jumper. Everyone MUST register online. Registration Link Is Below.

Live In-Person Jumper will take place at camp on Saturday, February 27th beginning at 12noon. There will be COVID Guidelines in place. You MUST register online prior to the event, and select a time frame that works best for you. The event will run and look different than it has in previous years. Participants are allowed ONE spectator only. Everyone will be screened upon arrival. Everyone must wear a mask and maintain 6' physical distancing at all times. There will be no food or drinks and sadly, no hot tub on site. There will be no shuttle bus. Dress in layers with your swim suit under your clothes when you arrive. Changing rooms will be available AFTER your dip only, so please plan accordingly.

Virtual Jumper- This is your chance to get creative and show us what you are made of! Pick any day in February that works for you. Take a cold shower. Sit in a tub of ice cubes and ice water. Roll around in a snowbank in your swimsuit. The options are limitless. Have fun, Record a video, and Share with us!!

Jittery Jumper - afraid of the cold water? Ever said, "I'd pay NOT to jump"? Then this option is for you!! For a small registration fee you are paying to not endure the cold water!! Create your own fundraising page and recruit like minded individuals. Remember that every dollar raised helps send individuals with disabilities to camp, and we can all find a way to make that happen!

Register Today!