Day Camp

Day Camp

Camp CaPella offers a day camp service for campers who prefer to be with their families or caregivers overnight. 50% of our campers are here at camp all day. Day camp starts at 8:30 am and runs until 4:30 pm.

10 Camp Rules

  • 1. Wear shoes (except at waterfront).
  • 2. Walk - don't run (unless told to do so as part of an activity).
  • 3. Only staff are allowed in the kitchen
  • 4. When indoors, use your "inside voice."
  • 5. Use POSITIVE words and actions.
  • 6. Stay within staff's sight at all times.
  • 7. Respect campers and staff's privacy at all times.
  • 8. Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.
  • 9. Sit on the benches at the picnic tables.
  • 10. Don't pass the waterfront ropes without permission.

What to Bring

  • Lunch
  • Bathing Suit
  • Appropriate Footwear
  • Change of clothes
  • Weather appropriate clothes
  • Medications with Instructions to the staff

Daily Schedule

  • We start the day with morning "exercise" that consists of fun dancing.
  • We then give campers the opportunity to lead the group in a camp song or just tell everyone about something special that they would like to share.
  • While campers may be shy at first, after everyone joins in with singing and clapping, and having fun together, the shyness doesn't seem to last long!
  • They get to learn great songs like "The Princess Pat," "The Pizza Hut song," and everyone's favorite, "Going on a Lion Hunt!"
  • We then break up into three groups, Yellow, Blue, and Green groups. The Yellow group may go off to the lakefront for swimming and waterfront games. The Blue group may get involved in adaptive T-ball or another outdoor activity - where everyone plays regardless of disability! Who cares what the score is?! It's all about the fun of playing! The Green group may head for "Wild Adventures" and learn all about the wildlife, fish, birds, trees, and animals we often see at camp. It may involve doing a special arts and crafts project, or working with our special iPads to learn about the calls of the wild animals and birds. Each group will rotate so everyone gets to participate in these activities during the morning hours with a few healthy snacks in between.
  • After lunch is a little quiet time, reading a story, or playing some table games before heading out for a group activity like a fishing trip, boat rides, swimming, or a fun scavenger hunt or relay races!
  • When 4:00 pm rolls around, it's time to quiet down a bit and gather around the fireplace so campers can tell of their day's experiences and all sing some more end-of-the-day camp songs.
  • As Friday arrives, each camper is presented with a special award that acknowledges their unique personality, skill, or perhaps recognizing what was the highlight of their camp adventure! The "Biggest Smile Award," "Most Improved Swimmer," "Biggest Fish Caught Award," and "Most Enthusiastic" are just some of the awards presented, and everyone receives one!
  • Fridays are usually filled with a few farewell tears to new friends made, hugs to their special staff counselors, and stories to tell their families of the fun memories they have made.