Camp activities can provide a variety of experiences for people with disabilities. These activities include, but are not limited to swimming, boating, arts-n-crafts, recreational games, camp songs and nature study. We also offer adaptive learning opportunities such as kayaking, canoeing and sporting events that offer campers skills to carry on into their daily living recreational choices. Camp CaPella offers a relaxed setting in which campers can experience social interaction opportunities, create lasting friendships with peers, and meet or exceed personal goals they may have for themselves prior to coming to camp. All our activities always have the importance of safety and consideration for others in mind. Call for more information or details on these exciting offerings at Camp CaPella!

A Sample Outline of a Day at Camp:

Once all our day campers arrived, all campers and staff gather in the Miller Lodge for morning "Move-nGroove" activities. During this time, all campers are introduced and asked fun questions so that we can get to know one another. Questions might be: "What do you like most about camp?" "What is your favorite food?" "What is your favorite ice cream flavor?" We review the camp rules and sing a handful of camp songs. Sometimes we have dance parties, light exercise or stretch it out to get the juices flowing for the day ahead. Then everyone moves outside to raise the flag for the day!

Following the "Move-n-Groove" time, campers are divided into smaller groups. Each group has a color name like "Blue Group" or "Green Group" and the groups begin to rotate thru three morning activity periods - Wild Adventures, Rec, and Camp Fun.

Wild Adventures explores the natural environment and animals that surround camp. Campers might learn how to ID animal tracks, trees, leaves, plants, fish, birds, and more. Each lesson is combined with fun, creative activities.

Rec includes activities like canoeing, fishing, volleyball, basketball, t-ball, freeze tag and much more. Every activity is adapted so that all campers can participate in the fun.

Camp Fun is always something different! It might be arts-n-crafts. It might be "Minute to Win It" challenges. Or fun science activities. You just never know what Camp Fun might be!

Between each morning activity period, campers will break for either a morning snack in the Miller Lodge or free time to play on the swings, shoot hoops and hang out with their friends. Morning activities are finished at lunch time. Everyone returns to Miller Lodge for the lunch hour. Once campers are finished eating their lunch, they enjoy some quiet time reading, playing board games, puzzles, and more. This quiet time allows stomachs to settle before we roll into an afternoon of swimming and boating!

Every Monday all campers must complete a swim test before they are allowed in the swim area or on the boats. Swimming and boating are enjoyed until mid-afternoon where campers break for a cold drink and light snack before moving into a large group activity. This might be a game of freeze tag, a community art project, musical chairs under the sprinkler, our very own Drip Drip Drop, karaoke, charades and much more!

By 4:00 everyone returns to the Miller Lodge to share their favorite part of the day and sing a few camp songs together as we bring the day camp to a close. Day campers will go home at this time and overnight campers move into group activity before having dinner. Following dinner, overnight campers might go for an evening boat ride and fishing, watch the sunset from the boat, enjoy a campfire and
share stories. The day wraps up with showers, card games and board games before moving up to the bunk house for some reading before bed. It is lights out at 9pm. It might seem early to some but after the activity packed day our campers just had, they usually welcome bed at this time.

*Please note, this is just a brief synopsis of a what a day at camp might look like. Every Summer we aim to offer new experiences for our campers. It is our goal for our returning campers to leave camp saying, "I can't wait to see what we do next year!" We strive to offer new events, activities and presentations every year. Some examples of recent years include:

  • Birds Acre Owl Presentation
  • Chewonki Presentation with wild animals
  • Aquaponics
  • Field Trip to Discovery Museum
  • Field Trip to the ocean
  • Ocean Touch Tank
  • Lone Spruce Farm Presentation of farm animals like, rabbits, chickens, and goats
  • Growing plants and vegetables from seed
  • Dedham Fire Department fire safety and exploring the fire truck
  • Darling's Ice Cream Truck
  • Sailing on the lake
  • Roller Derby Anti-Bullying Program